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Anne Finchs Opposition to The Rape of the Lock Essay...

Anne Finchs Opposition to The Rape of the Lock The Restoration Period (1660-1700) was a period of social, political and philosophical turmoil, which laid the foundation for future centuries. This period was marked by an advance in colonization and trade and by the birth of the Whig and Tory parties. In poetry, works of Alexander Pope and Anne Finch and a number of other poets distinguishes the Restoration. But, there are several objections from these poets; one particular opposition occurs between Pope’s The Rape of the Lock and Anne Finch. Pope was born into a Catholic family during a period of intense anti-Catholic sentiment in England. His family was forced to move because Catholics were forbid from living within a certain area†¦show more content†¦The events that Pope describes in this poem occur between Belinda, who is motivated by pride and vanity and Baron, who is driven by ambition. Belinda’s energy is driven to attract a man and pretend to be affectionate and then cast him off for another. Baron o versteps his boundaries of acceptable behavior by acting with force toward the desirable woman. The Rape of the Lock is both a scornful description of a ridiculous social situation and a serious analysis of consequences of flattering self-esteem and desire. The Rape of the Lock is a staple of neoclassical writing; it includes wit and wit is characterized by parallelism and balance. It contains epic conventions such as war (between the sexes), epic game (played on the â€Å"velvet plain† of the card table), a journey (to the underworld), and battle. Pope writes by describing the man as the hero. But Finch writes her poetry in regards to women. When Anne Finch wrote, she followed a particularly intellectual course, not only for women but also for anyone at the time. She wrote about philosophy; her philosophical work had another important source: her own physical pain. She was concerned to provide theodicy for her writers. She attempted to reunite the existence of a compassiona te or benign god with the existence of suffering and other evil in

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Minimum Wage Should Be Raised - 798 Words

In 2008 the United states came into recession due to many factors. Based on the article, the minimum wage should be raised. Ever since that meeting many economists have proposed different plans to solve this issue. One of these solutions for this particular issue is to raise the minimum wage. This would affect the economy, workers, and job growth which will follow in need of help. This plan would help, but there has been research that has gone against the solution stating that there is more cost than the overall benefit. There are still discussions to this day for if which they should raise the minimum wage. By raising the minimum wage millions of workers would see an improvement of their lives because they will finally have more money to be able to spend on themselves. In article one it talks through and states how â€Å"11 million workers above minimum wage will see and increase through â€Å"spillover†.† This shows that by increasing the minimum wage, workers that are already at that level would see a bonus within their pay. Another quote from article one is â€Å"the new minimum wage would affect families, disproportionally women who work 20 hours.† This shows that families, would be the first to feel the effect and also help families whose parents have to work overtime. In general, raising the minimum wage is very beneficial for families and female workers who work at or around 20 hours a week. A benefit of raising the minimum wage is that the economy can or would improve becauseShow MoreRelatedMinimum Wage Should Be Raised?958 Words   |  4 PagesMinimum Wage Louis Montgomery III English Composition 101 Mrs. Blackwell April 23, 2015 Minimum Wage Do minimum wage jobs help pay the bills? Do minimum wage jobs support the family? Should minimum wage be raised? Will raising the minimum wage reduce poverty? The idea of minimum wage jobs is to help people get work experience without having any skills. Most minimum wage jobs include fast food restaurants and grocery stores. Minimum wageRead MoreShould Minimum Wage Be Raised?1062 Words   |  5 Pagesever pressing question regarding Minimum wage. Not many subjects can ignite a controversy as quickly as that of whether or not minimum wage should be raised, or by how much should it be raised or if it should remain the same. What is minimum wage? By definition, minimum wage is the minimum hourly wage an employer can pay an employee for work. (â€Å"†) America’s minimum wage was first introduced by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1938. That minimum wage was introduced as part of the FairRead MoreShould Minimum Wage Be Raised? Essay1596 Words   |  7 Pagesgovernment has so generously termed the â€Å"minimum wage†. In Missouri, the minimum wage has been set at a rather appalling $7.65 per hour while in other states there are wages starting as high as $10. Though arguably the economy is not as sluggish and terrible as it once was, $7.65 per hour will not help those who have children, no college degree and debts to pay. It is not only Missouri that has minimum wage laws, but every other state in America has minimum wage laws in place. Both California and SeattleRead MoreMinimum Wage Should Be Raised1145 Words   |  5 PagesThe current minimum wage is $7.25, which equals two gallons of milk, one fast food meal or two gallons of gas. Can you imagine yourself working 12-hours a day and only having enough money to p ay for rent and put food on the table for your family? With working all those long hours, you can barely afford to pay your utility bills and after that you don’t have enough money or time for luxuries like clothing or vacation. You have no savings as matter of fact, you are in a huge debt and you are livingRead MoreShould Minimum Wage Be Raised?870 Words   |  4 PagesShould Minimum Wage Be Raised? Minimum wage has always been a controversial issue. Many politicians use the argument of minimum wage for their own political propaganda. Some may argue minimum wage should be raised, while others believe it will have detrimental effects on our economy if it is raised. Surprising to most people, minimum wage earners make up only a small percent of American workers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, minimum wage workers make up about 2.8% of all workersRead MoreMinimum Wage Should Be Raised935 Words   |  4 PagesMinimum wage is an ongoing debate in the United States. There are some people who think that it should be raised to a higher rate and others who think that it should not. There are many different pros and cons with raising minimum wage. Minimum wage is at a balanced rate that should not be raised due to lack of skill, low education, and economic problems. Jobs that require minimum wage are created for young adults who are in college or high school. They are to help one get one on their feet so thatRead MoreMinimum Wage Should Be Raised910 Words   |  4 Pagesmaximize the American Dream on the minimum wage† (Benjamin Todd Jealous). In 1938, minimum wage was created by the federal government in order to protect workers by ensuring a minimum of twenty-five cents per hour worked. Though President Roosevelt had the right idea in protecting the workforce, something needs to be done to ensure that Americans are getting a reasonable amount of money for the amount of hours they have worked. As Benjamin Todd Jealous stated, minimum wage is not enough for the averageRead MoreThe Minimum Wage Should Be Raised998 Words   |  4 Pagesprestigious job at such a young age. However that is not the case, if the minimum wage is raised to $15 an hour, a 16 year old could make $18,000 yearly working only 25 hours a week at McDonalds. Now for tee nagers that have goals for college or a car, that would money to set aside for the future, however most 16 year olds do not have those goals in mind yet, so that extra money turns into wasted money. As of February 2016 the minimum wage ranges anywhere from $7.25-$10 across the United States. Florida’sRead MoreMinimum Wage Should Not Be Raised863 Words   |  4 Pagesthan triple the minimum wage. If the minimum wage is increased, it would eliminate people’s incentives to improve. On top of that, inflation would occur, and poverty would virtually stay the same. In addition, raising the minimum wage would bring on hardship for small businesses. Of course, one may argue that the minimum should cover the cost of living, but people should have to work for their money. The minimum wage should not be raised in the United States. If the minimum wage were to go up, peopleRead MoreThe Minimum Wage Should Not Be Raised858 Words   |  4 PagesRepublican presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, is of the opinion that the Minimum wage should not be raised. This is a large issue as the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 is not enough to support basic living costs in a fair number of states. Ted Cruz highlights the consequences of raising the minimum wage yet ignores the cons of it remaining static (Ted Cruz on the Minimum Wage). In an article in The Atlantic, the discussion of the cost of living is brought up. The article talks about how the

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Management of Parkinson’s Disease Free Essays

The disease that I will be discussing in this paper is â€Å"Parkinson’s Disease†. It is a disease where the brain has a progressive disorder concerning body movements such as walking, talking, writing, and swallowing. The causes of Parkinson’s Disease aren’t really known but scientists think it results from the deficiency of the dopamine, a chemical that sends messages across the nervous system. We will write a custom essay sample on Management of Parkinson’s Disease or any similar topic only for you Order Now That deficiency affects brain cells from performing their normal functions within the central nervous system. Most signs and symptoms are muscle rigidity, akinesia, and uncontrollable tremors, which usually begin in the fingers. Other symptoms are when the voice becomes weak and high pitched, an awkward walk, and a loss of facial expression. Management Some general measures to cope with it are to find ways to remain active and useful because the disease may cause social withdrawal. Also a person might want to try to comply with a treatment program such as diet, exercise, counseling (to help relieve depression) and medications. Another thing to do is accidentproof their home to prevent falls and injuries. Finally they should wear a bracelet or neck tag to indicate your medical problem. Prevention Unfortunately there is no real way to prevent Parkinson’s Disease. Most dangers are that the muscle rigidity, akinesia, and involuntary tremors will progress for an average of 10 years at which that time pneumonia or some other infection may occur and then eventually death. Other complications that will occur are dementia, severe constipation, urine retention (caused by medication), and falls and fractures caused by the inability to walk straight. Help and Support First you may want to go to a doctor and see if you have the disease if you are seeing symptoms of it. Then if you have it he will put you on a medication. You then may want to go into physical therapy to help to work with the disease and also counseling for depression. You also may want to get onto a healthy diet program and exercise regularly just to keep active and useful. If the symptoms get worse you may want to check into the American Parkinson’s Disease Association, Inc. or the National Parkinson Foundation. How to cite Management of Parkinson’s Disease, Essay examples

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The Law Of Succession In New South Wales -

Question: Discuss about The Law Of Succession In New South Wales. Answer: This is the last will and testament of Frank August, presently residing at 6/54 king Street, Fishery harbor in the state of New South Wales. He declares that he knows and can read this testament. [1]It states its purpose of granting an open will, for which it has, in my opinion, legal capacity, and to this end it expresses its last will in the following manner: He declares that when he was 21, he married Georgette Perrone. After two years of marriage, they separated but the couple has never divorced. According to Frank, he has not seen or contacted Georgette for the last 40 years, although she is alive, in good health and lives in New York. The couple did not have any children. In the presence of two witnesses, (niece Carly and her partner), Frank has declared that this is the most recent and operative will. [2]He has declared that from now he has revoked all his previous testaments, and therefore this eliminates any previously written testament. LIST OF ASSETS Frank has declared that he owns all the assets below. Frank August has a home unit at Fishery Harbour which is valued at $400,000. Together with his brother Jeffery, they own an unencumbered commercial building located at commercial Road, Mosman NSW. The property is worth $3million. Frank has an investment unit at Bay Street, Byron Bay, NSW, which has no financial liability and is valued at $2.5 million. He owns four cars worth $ 100,000 each; the model type is Mercedes Benz. Included in his assets, is a superannuation policy which has a value of $650,000 which is the death benefit value. Frank has declared that the superannuation has a binding nomination in favor of Carly his niece. He as 10,000 shares worth $750,000 from the common wealth bank of Australia. He has cash in a savings bank account totaling $24,750. Furniture and other personal effects are worth $32,000. EXECUTORS APPOINTMENT The testator has appointed Jeffery (his brother) and Carly (his niece) to be the executors of the will. They will be responsible for managing Franks wishes. BEQUESTS AND REQUESTS Frank has requested and directed that upon the payment of all personal debts, liabilities and .expenses, his property be bequeathed as follows: The four vintage Mercedes Benz cars should be given to Antonio, Robert, Peter and Alexandra (Franks nephews and nieces) as gifts. A superannuation policy which has a value of $650,000 which is the death benefit value will be taken up by Carly. Frank has declared that the superannuation has a binding nomination in favor of Carly his niece. Frank has bequeathed his 10,000 Commonwealth Bank Shares as a gift to Carly (his niece). Frank has requested that his home unit located at Fishery Harbour, his share in the Mosman commercial property and his investment unit at Byron Bay to be given to Carly. As to the rest of his estate, he would like it to be sold and a conversion into cash will be made then shared equally to his great nieces and nephews who survive him and attain the majority age. If a great niece or nephew dies before reaching 18 years of age, his or her share is to be shared equally to the other surviving great nieces and nephews. [4]Until they reach 18 years, the share of the monies will be held in trust by the appointed executors. Frank has also made a bequest of $10,000 to the Big Scrub Rainforest centre. Frank has requested that upon his death, he wants his body cremated and the ashes spread in the waters off Fishery Harbour. In accordance with the provisions of succesion Law, the appearing party is informed and accepts the incorporation of their data to the automated files, existing in the Notary and authorizes the sending of a copy of the will and testament to Josephe, Steph Co legal firm. This in turn will keep the copy on its servers, which will be kept confidential, without prejudice to the obligatory referrals. To this testament, prior waiver of I warn you to read it for yourself, and be aware of its content. approval of the grantor who states that it is in accordance with his will and signs it with me. A unit of this act will be used if all the legal formalities have been observed. Through the use of his reviewed National Identity Document, which he has shown me, the document is extended. I hereby subscribe my name to this last name and testament, in the date and address set below, in front of attesting witness who subscribes their names to this will and testament as of the same date at my request and in my company. Name Address Signature Date WITNESS ATTESTATION: We declare that the testator expressed his true and sincerest wishes and will and testament in our presence. Witness 1 Name Address Date Signature Witness 2 Name Address Date Signature Witness 3 Name Address Date Signature Part B Accompanying Letter to the will Josephe, Steph Co 29th street Melbourne Tel; +61 43675 3567 To; Frank August 6/54 King Street, FisheryHarbour, New South Wales Dear Sir Re: Issues/Implications that may arise due to testamentary wishes Introduction The following is a letter of advice due to the preparation of the will that will be executed upon the request that you have placed which is upon your death.[7]The decree of distribution can be done by a court of law while distributing a probate estate. The order in which the execution is done is dependent on how close the blood relationship with the estate holder is. The closeness to estate owner and the will determines how the estate is distributed. In this case, a will is made to ensure that the executors adhere to the will of the estate holder. Frank August has a sizeable asset portfolio to be distributed according to his will by the executors who will also create a trust to hold assets handed to his great nephews and nieces. Executors The executors are to be his brother Jeffery and his niece Carly.The legal duty is understood as the need that a person has to voluntarily observe a conduct according to what prescribes a rule of law. Thus, legal norms impose duties, and when recognizing the faculty that is placed in the hands of another to constrain the fulfillment of a determined duty, which would otherwise be a voluntary behavior and where the obligation originated. Franks Assets The assets comprise the following: His unencumbered home unit at Fishery Harbour, valued at $400,000. An unencumbered commercial building at Commercial Road, Mosman NSW that he owns as joint tenants with his brother Jeffery. The property is worth $3 million. An unencumbered investment unit at Bay Street, Byron Bay, NSW, now valued at $2.5 million. A superannuation policy with a total death benefit value of $650,000. Frank informs you that the superannuation has a binding nomination in favor of his niece Carly. Four vintage Mercedes Benz cars worth $100,000 each. 10,000 Commonwealth Bank of Australia shares worth $750,000. Cash in a savings bank account totaling $24,750. Personal effects and furniture worth $32,000. Debt and Creditors Now, under this distinction, the obligation consists of the bond (or coercive power) that exists so that a creditor can demand from a debtor a provision of patrimonial content.[8] On the other hand, the legal duty can dispense with both the bond and the creditor, because it can be imposed only on the one who is constrained to perform the behavior. However, it should be noted that it is not possible to perform a provision to the void, without more content than simple compliance, because in such a case, and even if it will only benefit the person doing it, it would not be of any interest to the legal system. [9]Thus, in any case it is possible to relate the subject that performs the conduct with someone who benefits from it and that from the issuance of the unilateral declaration of the will is entitled to demand compliance with that benefit, so the behavior ceases to be voluntary a priori: Also in the will can establish a link between debtor and creditor in spite of the fact that at the time of the enforceability of the benefit the debtor has died, the fulfillment is in charge of his assets, which can validly answer for the benefits indicated in accordance with article 2964 and the law provides that it is in charge of the successors (executors and heirs), said compliance. In any case, on the determination of the person of the heirs and the objects with which it can be answered corresponds to the rules of the successions. If it was an obligation to do according to the special characteristics of the testator, that provision would be null and void as it is impossible to contravene the nature of the testamentary disposition. [10]Regarding the stipulation in favor of third party in which the creditor (third party) and the debtor (promisor), the quality of the debtor and the benefit due can be deducted from the stipulation itself has the disadvantage article provides that if the third party refuses the benefit, your right is considered unborn. To this extent, if the third party becomes part of the contract, only doing so by refusing to do so, because its consent is required for the birth of its right, and in such a situation it would not be a unilateral declaration of the will but a contract. [11]On the other hand, those who from the doctrine maintain that this right is born as a unilateral declaration of will, and that it changes with the acceptance to be part of a contract. it must be said that the law does not recognize the change of the nature of the same legal relationship, but the forecast of a condition on the birth of the third party's right. Legal issues and implications Therefore, it can be validly said that the stipulation in favor of a third party is not a unilateral declaration of will, but a way to reach a contract; therefore, it is a source of obligations. However, the birth of the right of the third party depends not on the stipulation and acceptance between the stipulate and the promisor, but also on the non-rejection of the beneficiary.[12] This means that the will of the beneficiary is compelled to perfect the birth of his right. In that sense, it is understood that frank deduce that a legal duty of expectation is generated on the birth of an obligation, and in respect of which the promisor acquires the commitment not to revoke it. This will consist in the effect of your unilateral declaration of will, in not revoking the benefit that is expected from him, in issuing a non-perfected offer with respect to a determined third party- Non- eligible The wife will not be considered in the estate since she has been away for close to 40 years. Although frank is not legally divorced, his wife may reappear and claim that frank is her husband and therefore should be a beneficiary to the will. The legal implication in this is that she has not been with frank and therefore effectively unable to inherit anything although legally she is still the wife. Trust A trust will be created for holding the assets of franks great nephews and nieces who have not yet attained the stipulated age of 18 to inherit.[13] They will be eligible after attaining that age, however, if any of them does not make it to this age, and then his or her assets will be distributed equally amongst the remaining. Writing and signing of the cover: Once the foregoing has been done, the testator must present the envelope before the notary and witnesses, declaring it out loud and in a way that everyone sees, hears and understands that this envelope contains his will. Finally, the legend "Testament" must be stamped on it, and then the notary must identify the testator and the witnesses by their name, surname and address, certify that the testator was apparently in his right mind, and indicate the place, day, month, year and time of the grant. The act of granting ends with the signature of the title page by the testator, witnesses and notary or judge of letters, as the case may be. This third and final stage of the granting of the closed will must be done in a single act, in which the same witnesses and the notary will be present, and which does not admit interruption. As it happens with respect to the signature of the testator in the document itself, there have been various decisions regarding whether the testator's failure to sign the title page entails the nullity of the testament. The testator can take his will, or leave it in the notary's office. In any event, the Organic Code of Courts requires notaries to keep a Book of Closed Wills that are granted before them, which is kept secret and can only be exhibited after a judicial resolution.[14] The closed character of the will is often chosen precisely so that no one knows its contents and we know that if a closed will is opened during the deceased's life or if it is opened after his death, without prior judicial proceedings, it loses all its value. Yours faithfully, Jones References Bacon, Charlotte,Split Estate(Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2008) Barker, David,Essential Australian Law(Routledge/Cavendish, 2007) Certoma, G. L,The Law Of Succession In New South Wales(Thomson Reuters (Professional) Australia Pty Limited, 2010) Garsia, Marlene,How To Write Your Will(Kogan Page, 2011) Godsk Pedersen, Hans Viggo and Ingrid Lund-Andersen,Family And Succession Law In Denmark(DJF Publishing, 2016) Haag, Kajsa,Rethinking Family Business Sucession(Jo?nko?ping International Business School, 2012) Haines, David M,Succession Law In South Australia(LexisNexis Butterworths, 2003) HARVEY, CALLIE,FOUNDATIONS OF AUSTRALIAN LAW(TILDE UNIV PR, 2017) LOVELASS, PETER,LAW's DISPOSAL OF A PERSON's ESTATE WHO DIES WITHOUT WILL OR TESTAMENT(FORGOTTEN BOOKS, 2016) Mann, Trischa,Australian Law Dictionary Moncreiffe of that Ilk, Iain and Jackson W Armstrong,The Law Of Succession(John Donald, with assistance from St. Andrews Fund for Scots Heraldry, 2010) Platt, Harvey J,Your Will Estate Plan(Allworth Press, 2003) Theobald, H. S and John G Ross Martyn,Theobald On Wills(Sweet Maxwell/Thomson Reuters, 2010) Tiffany, Grace,Will(Berkley Books, 2004) [1] H. S Theobald and John G Ross Martyn,Theobald On Wills(Sweet Maxwell/Thomson Reuters, 2010). [2] Hans Viggo Godsk Pedersen and Ingrid Lund-Andersen,Family And Succession Law In Denmark(DJF Publishing, 2016). [3] Iain Moncreiffe of that Ilk and Jackson W Armstrong,The Law Of Succession(John Donald, with assistance from St. Andrews Fund for Scots Heraldry, 2010). [4] Kajsa Haag,Rethinking Family Business Sucession(Jo?nko?ping International Business School, 2012). [5] David M Haines,Succession Law In South Australia(LexisNexis Butterworths, 2003). [6] G. L Certoma,The Law Of Succession In New South Wales(Thomson Reuters (Professional) Australia Pty Limited, 2010). [7] CALLIE HARVEY,FOUNDATIONS OF AUSTRALIAN LAW(TILDE UNIV PR, 2017). [8] David Barker,Essential Australian Law(Routledge/Cavendish, 2007). [9] Trischa Mann,Australian Law Dictionary. [10] Marlene Garsia,How To Write Your Will(Kogan Page, 2011). [11] PETER LOVELASS,LAW's DISPOSAL OF A PERSON's ESTATE WHO DIES WITHOUT WILL IR TESTAMENT(FORGOTTEN BOOKS, 2016). [12] Iain Moncreiffe of that Ilk and Jackson W Armstrong,The Law Of Succession(John Donald, with assistance from St. Andrews Fund for Scots Heraldry, 2010). [13] Charlotte Bacon,Split Estate(Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2008). [14] Harvey J Platt,Your Will Estate Plan(Allworth Press, 2003).

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Dantes Inferno - Use Of Allegory Essays - Divine Comedy, Platonism

Dante's Inferno - Use of Allegory Dante's use of allegory in the Inferno greatly varies from Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" in purpose, symbolism, characters and mentors, and in attitude toward the world. An analysis of each of these elements in both allegories will provide an interesting comparison. Dante uses allegory to relate the sinner's punishment to his sin, while Plato uses allegory to discuss ignorance and knowledge. Dante's Inferno describes the descent through Hell from the upper level of the opportunists to the most evil, the treacherous, on the lowest level. His allegorical poem describes a hierarchy of evil. Conversely, Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" describes the ascent from ignorance to knowledge, as one prisoner is freed to make his way up towards the opening of the cave and experiences sunlight, the unavoidable truth. Symbolism is an essential element of both works. In Plato's allegory symbols are used to represent truth, ignorance, society and the fear of change. Truth is represented by the sun, while ignorance is represented by the cave, its limited vision and darkness within. The prisoners represent ignorant members of society who are content to believe that what they see is all that exists. Fear of change is represented by the prisoners' angry reaction towards the freed, enlightened prisoner. Dante's Inferno is a detailed description of sin and its relationship to degrees of punishment. As stated in the text, "...for the face was reversed on the neck, and they came on backwards, staring backwards at their loins for to look before them was forbidden." This quote describes the punishment for fortunetellers. In life the fortunetellers foresaw the future. In death they are doomed to exist with their heads on backwards and their eyes overflowing with tears so that not only could they not see what was happening in front of them, but they could not see at all due to these copious amounts of tears. Similarly, each sin had its own logical punishment, and each group of sinners received the same punishment, with only a few exceptions. Such an exception can be found in Canto XXlll when Caiaphas lies crucified on the floor while the other hypocrites walk around him in circles. He is set apart because he counseled Roman to crucify Jesus. While the sinners represent man's imperfections, Virgil symbolizes human reason. Throughout the poem, Virgil uses logic and reason to convince the monsters to allow him to gain passage to the various circles of Hell. The use of characters and mentors is distinct in each piece. "The Allegory of the Cave" presents few characters, and except for the one prisoner who ascends from the cave, none are distinguished from the others. The one freed prisoner attempts to become a mentor to the others but fails. As he tries to enlighten the remaining prisoners he is received with anger and threats. Nothing is learned about the characters as individuals. They remain nameless, faceless images. In contrast, there are numerous characters in the Inferno. The sinners are arranged in a hierarchy. In each group of sinners, Dante distinguishes a few characters. Virgil acts as Dante's mentor and guide, leading him through the intricate levels of Hell. Although Virgil is Dante's mentor, Dante, himself, acts as a mentor for some of the souls in Hell. He informs them as to what is happening in the land of the living. The sinners also function as mentors by telling Dante about themselves, their sins and about Hell. In the following passage Dante asks Farinata to tell him about Tegg hiacio: "... still let me urge you on to speak a little further and instruct me: Farinata and Tegghiacio, men of good blood....? While the cave dwellers in the "Allegory of the Cave" have no interest beyond what they see, the sinners have experienced life outside of Hell, and are curious about it. Plato and Dante criticize the world from different perspectives. Plato criticizes the world from a sociological point of view, while Dante criticizes it from a religious perspective. Plato implies that members of society are myopic in their views. They do not want what they have come to know and believe, to be proven false. They believe that what they see

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Job Likes and Dislikes Listening Comprehension Quiz

Job Likes and Dislikes Listening Comprehension Quiz In this  listening comprehension  you will hear a man speaking about what he likes and dislikes about his job. Listen to what he says and decide whether the following statements are true or false. You will hear the listening twice. Try to listen without reading the listening transcript. After you have finished, check your answers below the  to see if you have answered the questions correctly. Job Likes and Dislikes Quiz The first thing he does is go to the common room.He cleans the rooms when they are empty.He always helps out in the canteen.He usually washes the stairs.He finishes in the afternoon.He likes the routine nature of his job.He feels that it is degrading picking up cigarette butts.He is a millionaire.He likes the flexibility of his job.He enjoys the company of the students.He learns a lot on his job about other cultures.What is the name of his job? Listening Transcript Well, I come into work at eight oclock, and the first thing I do is collect my keys. Then I go to the common room. I sweep up and I do the floors, and I also check the toilets. And when there are no students in the classrooms, I empty the waste bins, and clean the rooms. And I also help in the canteen when the girl is ill to do the teas and coffees. And I usually sweep the stairs and then give them a good wash over. I usually finish at about two oclock.   What I particularly hate about my job is having to be at work for a specific time and leave off at a certain time and have to follow a certain pattern all the time. And another thing I hate doing is picking up cigarette ends and dirty tissues. Its really degrading picking things up that have been in peoples mouths. God, if I were paid for every cigarette end and tissue Id picked up, Id be a millionaire.   What I really like about my job is that I can work on my own, and I can decide when I do something. If I dont feel like doing it today, I can do it tomorrow. I also find the students extremely friendly. They will come and talk to you in their breaks or their free time. They tell you all about their country, customs, habits, etc. and its ever so interesting. I really enjoy it. Job Likes and Dislikes Quiz Answers False - He gets his keys.TrueFalse - Only when the girl is ill.  True - He cleans and washes the stairs.True - He finishes at two oclock.False - He doesnt like being at work and leaving at a certain time.True - He really hates it.False - He would be if he were paid for every cigarette end and tissues he has cleaned up!True - He can choose when he does the various tasks.True - They are really friendly.True - They tell him about their native countries.Janitor, Sanitary engineer

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2 Page assignment - Answer questions - training and development paper Essay

2 Page assignment - Answer questions - training and development paper - Essay Example 2-The author states that ACE has never been targeted to achieve equity, and the user-pay system merely worsens the problem. Wealthier, urban areas are able to provide the classes through ACE which people want to take because there are more people who are able to pay. Poorer, rural regions are not able to provide this primarily because there are far fewer people in rural areas in general and because a small portion of the population would actually be able to afford to pay. This creates a lack of equity. 4-â€Å"these clients are concentrated in areas of high socio-economic status† (pg 4), â€Å"there are pronounced differences between city and country in income levels, reflecting the higher costs of rural providers and a reduced capacity to raise income† (pg 3), â€Å"under user-pays, ACE users seek to maximise their incomes by targeting clienteles with the greatest needs for education and training† (pg 4). 5-â€Å"The stronger arguments turn on the role of community-based organisations in achieving equity objectives by meeting the needs of less-advantaged clienteles† (pg 5), â€Å"The cruel irony is that equity is the first casualty in ‘user-pays’ in ACE† (pg 5), â€Å"It is time for public funds supporting equity programs to be made available to community providers on the ‘level playing field’† (pg 5). 6-The pictures of the counties need to be identical in order to more easily compare them. As it is, it is difficult to look at one side of the diagram and compare it to the other side of the diagram. Furthermore, the information on the diagrams would have been easier to discern if they had all been combined into one single graph. Transportation in urban areas can be easy than in rural, which often forces people to drive longer distances between locations. The increased difficulty in transportation might be one factor in lower ACE participation. With more people in urban areas, there would be more varieties of classes to take, so people in rural